Monday, February 27, 2012

Make it Monday: DIY Craft Storage Containers

Don’t throw away your baby wipes containers!

I have been accumulating baby wipes containers over the past couple of years. Even when you buy wipes in bulk the boxes usually include a plastic wipes container. I couldn't bare to recycle them, they just seemed so useful. So I decided to use them to store craft supplies, but I didn’t like the fact that they looked like baby wipes containers so I brought out the mod podge and a little creativity and the result was these great little storage bins.

What you’ll need:

Empty baby wipes container
Mod Podge – Gloss finish
Paintbrush – I like the foam ones
Scrap fabric – 25” x 3.5”
Any accessories you like to add finishing touches (ie. Crayon wrappers, stickers, etc)


Iron your fabric so it is wrinkle free.

Spread a smooth coat of mod podge on the front of the wipes container, align your fabric so it is roughly centered on the front of the container and smooth it on.

Since the containers are slightly tapered at the bottom you’ll need to cut a slit in the fabric about ¾ up at each corner, which will then overlap (you can see how I did this in the picture above).

Spread a smooth coat of mod podge on one side of the container and smooth the fabric on keeping the slit you cut overlapped. Do the same with the other side of the container.

Spread a smooth coat of mod podge onto the back of the container and smooth both loose ends of the fabric on. Seal the overlapping ends with mod podge.

Finally spread a smooth coat of mod podge over the entire fabric strip being sure to smooth out the overlapping corners. Allow to dry about half an hour before decorating.

If you want to add solitary fabric pieces, like the oval I put on top of the two Huggies wipes containers (pictured in the very top of this post), you need to do an extra step to prevent the edges from fraying. 

Simply coat a piece of fabric on one side with mod podge, put wax paper underneath to prevent it from sticking to your work surface. Let it dry completely, turn it over and do the same to the other side. Once it is completely dry cut your shape out and mod podge it onto your container.

I added some crayon wrappers to the outside of my container and used some foam stickers from the dollar store for the top. The other two containers are filled with foam letters & numbers, and foam animal stickers.

There you have it. Simple craft storage containers. Happy Monday!


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